We are a Blackcircles Premier Garage for Maidenhead tyres and can fit a wide range of tyres.

Your tyres are your only contact with the road and they affect the steering, acceleration and braking of your vehicle. Tyres therefore need to be in as good a condition as possible so that your vehicle handles properly, is economical with fuel as well as being safe to drive. We surply a wide range of tyre Avon,Dunlop,Firestone,Pirelli,Toyo,Yokohama as well as budget tyres

Tyre prices include valves, balancing, fitting, disposal of old tyres and VAT. Please call for a very competitive price

Size Make Price   Size Make Price Size Make Price
165/70/13 Budget £44.95   195/60/15 Firestone £67.95 225/45/17 Budget £56.95
165/70/13 Firestone £49.95   195/60/15 Dunlop £72.95 225/45/17 Firestone £85.95
175/65/14 Budget £45.95   195/65/15 Budget £49.95 225/45/17 Bridgestone £97.95
175/65/14 Firestone £49.95   195/65/15 Firestone £58.95 Run Flats    
185/60/15 Budget £48.95   195/65/15 Dunlop £65.95 205/55/16 Firestone £86.95
185/60/15 Firestone £66.96   205/50/17 Budget £54.95 205/55/16 Bridgestone £99.95
185/65/15 Budget £48.95   205/50/17 Toyo £94.95 225/40/18 Bridgestone £144.95
185/65/15 Bridgestone £71.95   205/55/16 Budget £59.95 285/35/18 Bridgestone £121.95
195/50/15 Budget £49.95   205/55/16 Firestone £67.95 225/35/19 Bridgestone £218.95
195/50/15 Firestone £57.95   205/55/16 Bridgestone £74.95 255/30/19 Bridgestone £264.95
195/60/15 Budget £49.95            

Tyre Tred Depth

The legal minimum tread depth, for cars and light commercial vehicles, is 1.6mm in a continuous band across the central three quarters of the tread width, this must be all the way around the circumference of the tyre. Our experienced staff will be happy to check your tread depth, free of charge, if you call in at any one of our depots. The tread is there to displace water from the surface of the road and to reduce the risk of losing control of your vehicle due to aquaplaning.

White Waltham Garage recommend changing your tyres once the tread wears down to 2mm, this gives you an additional safety margin and should ensure that you never drive with less than the legal minimum as penalties for driving with insufficient tyre tread can run into thousands of pounds and carry compulsory penalty points on your licence..

Tyre Condition

Certain types of damage to tyres can be both dangerous and illegal. You should have your tyres checked, either by yourself or professionally, at least once a month. If there are any cuts, tears, lumps, bulges, exposed ply or cord then, depending on how bad the damage is and where on the tyre it is, the tyre may need replacing.


Contact us today for a tyre quote or to book in your car to have its tyres replaced.

Prepare for the Cold with Winter Tyres

With colder conditions fast approaching, now is the time to start thinking of changing to winter tyres. They're specially designed to perform better when the temperature drops below 7°C, which can happen as early as October in certain parts of the UK.

when you consider that our average winter temperature is just 3.7°C, the benefits really become apparent. For example, in cold weather conditions, you’ll find that winter tyres offer 60% more grip than summer tyres.

Winter tyres are equipped with advanced rubber compounds and tread patterns that will give noticeably more traction and steering response, significantly reducing stopping distances in the winter months. And with a range of specially selected tyre packages available, you might also find they cost less than you’d expect. Press the button below to see video demonstrations of the difference the right tyres can make. You can also take advantage of a complimentary winter health check at white Waltham Garage. While you’re there, our Technicians will inspect key areas of your car and give you any necessary advice to ensure you’re ready for the season ahead.

Please contact White Waltham Garage on the ouskirts of Maidenhead on 01628 823234 to book your Maidenhead tyre fitting

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